Monday, December 26, 2005

The begingings of a pervert

How did it all begin, how did I become a panty monster, Im not sure. I can say for sure what I have done, I can also say for sure what my fantasy is also. I am a 35 yr old male. 3 kids, wife and cats, have a decent job and everything is mostly good. But deep down, I am a warped pervert. I see women as beautiful objects, things to be revered, I also see them as dirty whores who need dicipline and dominiation. Especially My MOTHER-IN-LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Mother-in-law, well call her Lil. She is a older copy of my wife, cept she is a little bit taller. I have the majority of my collection in her panties, so much so, I think she has stopped wearing panties, cause they seem to dissappear around her house. Does she know Im doing it, or what is even happening, I dont see how she doesnt, I mean, I am the only other regular male that goes over there besides her husband. How do you explain over 60 panties that have dissappeared over, hmmm over 7 years. I know that doesnt seem like a lot. but think about it, I have taken them up to 4-5 at a time. I dont know about yall, but my wife has maybe 20-30 pair tops. Now what would you think if you were a woman and your underwear keep getting lost. That very comfy pair of leopard print ones, well, you just wore them last week, and now they are no where to be found in the laundry or bathroom. What about those stripped Victorias secret ones, they vanished also.

My infatutation with Mom-in-law, known from here out as Lil. well I used to go over to their house when I was dating my wife, but back then, my wife was 14, so that made Lil about 34, 34 isnt that old, and being a constant hard teenager, well, I was also eyeing mom pretty hard also. Well, we would go over there and eat dinner and watch a video, I guess they thought that was a good night, I didnt care, I might geta BJ later from my future wife, we will call her Kristy from now on also. But I would go over and eat some pizza, then they would wanna watch a video, so they would all sit down and her mom would be in her regular night clothes, which consisted of a pair of loose shorts, ( I guess since I was over there the shorts were worn, but I can see her just sitting around in panties when I wasnt) and a mesh jersey like sleeveless shirt with a number and some beer ad on it. But since it was sleeveless, well her tit had a way od sliding out the sleeve ever so slightly. Needless to say, I have no idea of what movies we ever watched, but I do have vivid memeories of her boobs and crotch area. I guess that is what got me started wanting to ravish her mom, just a innocent boob shot and my insatiable appetite for perversion. So here I am, dating this girl, getting the oral thing in her driveway and thinking about her mom doing it to me.

Friday, December 02, 2005

I am a dirty panty lover

I will tell and explain my facination with dirty panties and my mother-in-laws laundry basket. Also my sadistic treatment of the said mother-in-law and the disgusting things I have done to her.